Update on LastPass Password Manager

So here’s the lowdown having used Lastpass for a week. It’s quite buggy. When you try to edit your entries things don’t work as they should. Specifically when you delete duplicated websites from your list they reappear. The whole package looks slick and professional but it isn’t ready. Also, which is worse in my view, many users have complained about poor customer support. We live in a world of mendacious corporates, dodgy rail networks, crummy internet providers and the rest. I can think of a handful of really good and considerate companies that are “on it” where customer service is concerned and when I find one I rejoice (in private in a very quiet way).  I would have thought that software like this was easy enough to fix; how a company can take peoples money yet have no pride in their product is baffling.
I’ve replaced LastPass with Dashlane and that is working out well.

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