Fold forming

Charles Lewton-Brainfoldformed lines




I thought I would give you a couple of really fruitful links to explore if you are interested in metalwork and jewellery making.

Fold Forming
A technique devised by Charles Lewton-Brain in the 1980’s which involves folding and unfolding hammered copper shapes to produce forms that have a beautiful organic quality.
This process has become established in the world of jewellery making, do a search in pinterest and you’ll find dozens of examples. I like it as a process because it has surprise as an ingredient. You can really get creative just by changing a few simple parameters as Lewton-Brain explains. He says something that I think many craftspeople will be aware of which is .. any time something interesting happens while you’re working on a piece, record it.. take a photograph, make a drawing, write it down, whatever it takes.
Click the photos to learn more.


A massive collection of jewellery making articles from professionals in the industry as well as individual artisans. The video section is particularly interesting.

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