Finding a Password Manager

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It’s overwhelming, so many new sites to use; Pinterest, Scoop it, Reddit, Flipbook…the list goes on. It was getting to the point where I was forgetting logins and passwords. I also found myself using the same login details on different sites which is a no no in terms of security. I also discovered that someone or somebot had tried to hack my new wordpress site so I decided to beef up my passwords and gain some control over logins. I found Last Pass password manager which I really like. You open an account (free of course) with an email address and a password which should be a strong one and it’s the only one you will need to remember. It’s easy to use and there are addons for different browsers as well as a mobile version. One very slightly annoying feature of the software is that if you log on to a new computer it uses two stage verification to check it’s you ie a phone text with a verification code. This is great if you only use the same computer for internet but can be a pita if you use public computers, which I do. Still it’s a small price to pay for security.

Second favourite is keepass, not as sophisticated as LastPass but a trusty tool for storing your passwords. You can integrate it into Firefox apparently but I never worked out how to do it. Open Source and free.


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